Friday, October 24, 2008

In time

Isn't it wierd, how technology has taken over the times. I mean, I remember how computers could only do word processing. Now theres the internet and mobile phones and now blogs (which are supposed to take over the world or something). So what's supposed to be the next new thing? AI or something I hope. I mean look at the Wii now, its completely interactive. I think its great but I can't believe at how fast it has all come upon us. My mind starts to spin when I think about what will happen in the next 20 years.

Well for now I guess its this blogging thing. I don't really see all the hype about it but I wanna be in on it early when the wave starts coming. So now I have to blog about something. I have been surfing the web a lot more than usual lately (hence the reason for the blog :). Normally the internet was more for a resource for me. I see so much potential with it now more than ever. I know my first blog isn't gonna blow people out of the water, but hell its more theraputic for me anyways. I mean I read about this blogger guy who is making 70k a month with a friggin blog. Wow. If I could pay my rent just by ranting. So for all you hopefuls out there, post your diary out to the public and see what happens.

Forex Trading-

I found something else that is really cool too. You can trade currencies online 24/7. I had no clue how to do it but you can get a demo account at Check it out, if I can do it semi-profitable, then I might try it for real next time. Right now believe it or not the US dollar is gaining value. I knew the closer we got to the election, the economy would get better. Ha just wait till after. I'll save the politic talk for another rant. Right now let me just tell you whats been in my noggin. I have a back up of thoughts I guess that have been waiting to get out.

You simply have to check this site out. It is the best way to surf the web. I'm pretty random and a.d.d anyway so this suits my style any way. It will come up as a toolbar on your browser, and just set your preferences and stumble away. It will take you the most zany sites but theyre cool. Just try it.

So its late and I have to get up early so I'll save all the other ranting and raving for another day. God knows I got a lot to do. So later all you taters!