Get Quotes for Affordable Life Insurance Plans

When the unexpected happens, you want to be prepared for your family
  • Income replacement for your family
  • Mortgage and debt protection
  • College and Child related expenses
Check hundreds of carriers to find the lowest quote.

Junior Estate Builder allows protection for a child or grandchild and provides financial security for a lifetime.  It starts out with term life and converts to whole life at age 25.  The whole life policy builds cash value with the option to increase coverage.  Plan one is $35/yr for 15,000 and Plan 2 is $45/yr for 20,000.  Yes that's per year!

Memorial Fund is a permanent whole life policy for individuals 45 and up that has a benefit up to 25,000 and also has guaranteed cash values.  It is great for funeral expenses, medical bills, legal fees, taxes and other expenses.  This fund also has an option that allows you to pay for only 10 years and is done, no more payments forever.

Infinite Banking Concept
Learn how you can create your own banking system with Universal and Whole Life insurance 

Have you ever heard of IBC or (Infinite Banking Concept)

Create a system with a Whole Life Insurance policy that accrues cash value through dividends, premiums, and interest values.  Don't think of it as a death benefit, but more as a life benefit.

-no risk
-avoid paying interest on loans (Americans pay 34% of their income to interest)
-avoid taxes