Friday, February 10, 2012

Growing Family

     This may be the last post for a while.  You see, my lovely wife is about to give birth to our second daughter.  Her name will be Hannah Faith.  The hurdles of pregnancy and pains of it all are building up as we head down the home stretch.  I can't wait.

     This whole past year has been unreal.  The business has done very well, and I am looking on to this year intently.  I think that as well as I did last year, this year can be spectacular.  Though for whatever reason, it starts slow.  Last year seemed kinda dead too after the holidays.  My overall goal this year is focusing on my business insurance production.  I commend my individual and family side of things but it seems the business side is more appreciative of the work I do.  And it is hard work when doing the business side.  Family and individual is easy.

   What it all really comes down to is my 3 girls now.  My awesome wife, Zoe and now Hannah.  I guess what I'm trying to say is yes I love my business, it is challenging and fulfilling.  But it is not my priority.  I work so that my family can live and enjoy.  I don't live so that I can work.  When I was on my own that's how it was but now, life is more rich.  My family is where my heart is.  In light of my growing family I've been noticing changes like this for me.  My priorities are becoming clearer and it has been motivating me to work harder.  Not only at work, but at family too.  Because if you don't think family is hard work, check again.

     So I'm taking time off when Hannah comes.  And I'll take as much as I need.  Work must take a back seat here and I know I'll get some looks at the office when I tell them I am taking what they think is "maternity" leave, but that's the way I see it.