Friday, January 7, 2011

Why I Sell Health Insurance

I first became an entrepreneur in 2003.  I answered an ad in the paper for a job that I thought was a regular 40 hours a week, benefits, and vacation.  Little did I know that was in for a ride of a life.  That company turned out to be a direct marketing firm for health products and I soon began my journey into the realm of the unknown.

I left Charleston and traveled with this company (which shall remain nameless) for 2 years to places like Savannah, Jacksonville, Daytona, Tampa and Oklahoma City.  It was truly an incredible time in my life.  My income never caught up with my hopes but the lessons in sales, marketing and insight into my own determination and capitalism shed new light into my dreams.

I returned to Charleston, in need of a new opportunity but filled with optimism and hope.  The door opened for a career in Real Estate.  Little had I known that this was a flourishing industry with many types of motivations and personalities.  I never understood wearing shorts to the office LOL!  My ingenuity thrived and my paychecks swelled as my true heart for helping my friends and acquaintances realize their dream of home ownership.  But the market didn't boom forever and I soon found myself with many a client, but no one to lend him money or to buy his house.

Nevertheless my heart yearned to help people in a manner that called for professionalism and wisdom. You guessed it, back to the want ads and here I find myself cramming for of all things a health and life insurance license.  The firm that recruited me really cracked the whip and I must say that my motivation was at the brink.  My director pushed the envelope to the point that I didn't feel I was helping folks, but rather, encouraging them to help me.

So here I find myself.  I never sought the Alpine Agency for employment but instead for insurance for my newborn daughter.  I guess it worked out though.  I am delightfully busy and couldn't ask for a better and more convenient brokerage.

Here my attributes shine and talents are unleashed and every person that I have had the privilege to meet truly makes me a better person and agent.  I've found a new product or two, and industry, but the service and professional relations are true.

I guess what it boils down to is, if you really want to succeed, you have to help someone in need.  Catchy huh, I just made that up, but it fits.


Chyna Wehunt said...

I admire you for choosing the right profession. In selling a health insurance, you are not just engaging in a business venture; you are also encouraging your fellow man to protect their future against uncertain loss or unexpected health problems. Thus, you are also instilling in your clients’ minds the value of responsibility, in a sense that they will not just be preparing for an uncertain occurrence; they will also be thinking of the welfare of their loved ones, who will be affected in case something bad happens to them.

Brandon said...

Thanks Chyna, I find that people really just want to be heard and they want personal service. Every day I am thanked for service and when I go home, I feel I made a difference.