Thursday, January 20, 2011

Microsoft VP creates perfume that smells like money - Holy Kaw

Take a big whiff of that crunched-up dollar bill sitting in your pocket. To you, it probably smells like fecal remnants, the sweat of a stripper, and pocket lint, but to Microsoft vice president of sales Patrick McCarthy, it smells like success.

McCarthy used his downtime away from the Microsoft offices to create his-and-her fragrances that smell like cash fresh out of the ATM. The Chicago-based businessman says he came up with the million-dollar (or couple thousand dollar) idea after reading about a Japanese study that found the smell of money made workers more productive.

Wondering what money smells like exactly? According to a press release, the men’s scent, His Money Cologne, fuses “the woody aroma of newly printed money with a bold fusion of fresh ocean breezes, and bright citrus notes joined by rosemary, grass, and precious woods.”

Not to be outdone, the ladies’ version boasts “the clean scent of freshly minted bills. Vibrant pink grapefruit and mandarin give it a citrus kick that’s enhanced by freesia, passionfruit, Hawaiian wedding flower and a soft hint of melon.”

Each bottle of Money will set you back $35. The cheaper option? Rub a Washington on your face, or a Lincoln, if you’re fancy.

Full story at AOL News.

Oodles of oddities.

I guess you really gotta love money for this one

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