Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Lifespan Vs Wealth

I came across this video describing the relation between the world's lifespan versus its wealth. Hans Rosling puts together an incredible way to digest raw data.  Not only is it cool, but the trends it shows is very dynamic.

What do you think will be the continuing trend?

I hate to be cynical, but I do not think that our lifespan will continue to lengthen.  If we continue to neglect research for disease and do not pursue major breakthrough's then the lifespan will not increase.  I do however feel that our wealth will.  The reason being our economic history has proven that it can and will bounce back.

This will raise a ton of questions about health care for our future.  

1.  If our wealth and health continue to improve why is our health insurance such a massive point of debate?
2.  Why is it so expensive if we are healthy?
3.  Does it need the huge overhaul?

This is an epic insight into America's hot topic of health insurance and I hope that many will see it.  Please pass it along.

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