Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are They Getting the Point?

71% Oppose Obamacare

I think most everyone has an opinion about the matter and my issue with the whole matter isn't whether we should have it or not.  My issue is they aren't hearing us.  Most polls I read show a strong dislike in the Reform bill but the folks in Washington don't seem to be listening.  It seems as if they are turning a blind eye to what America wants.  

I haven't posted on politics lately because frankly, it literally makes me sick.  I have trouble sleeping at night after watching the news.  I just hope that the industry as a whole is not cut off at the knees.  There are a lot of people who depend on health insurance as it is and if the premiums go up and my commission's get cut, I won't be the only one frustrated.

Relax there is hope

There are other alternatives to individual health insurance.  My wife for instance will have to get group insurance through an employer's means.  Group should be great for the employee, and even employers are going to have an incentive to start off.  You can also look self insuring.  It may take some time to set up but the value of having your own system that pays for itself is invaluable.  See IBC for more details.

The one thing my boss keeps promoting is Identity Theft.  He seems to think that the market is untapped and I'm starting to come around myself.  I know there is a ton of information exposed and that we as professional Benefits Consultants are obligated to help protect it.  See Identity Theft for more details.

Times are different than when I was growing up.  There wasn't an internet, or cell phones, or social media.  This is all new and it is amazing to watch the times take off as fast as they are.  It makes one think about what could possibly be is store for us in the next 5 years.  Or 50.  See Life Insurance for more details.  LOL

Tuu ta loo.


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