Thursday, May 27, 2010

Term Life Insurance

I know I have been on a rant lately about Whole Life insurance.  I am actually in the process of buying my first Whole Life policy now.  I would like to mention Term insurance now, a policy most folks like because of its affordability.

If you haven't talked with your life insurance agent in a couple of years, talk to us and we can probably save you money!
Do you wonder if you have enough life insurance? Are you married? New child? New home? Job promotion or loss? These are all good reasons for you to contact us and check your coverage now.

Term Life Insurance rates have dropped dramatically in the last decade. At (your website or name goes here) we research the top insurance companies in the country for you, so you only make one call - to us! Let us find you the lowest cost term insurance for you to protect your family. 

Plans as low as $3 a month!

We also help clients in poor health get life coverage. Even if you think you can not get protection, please contact us, so that we can help you protect your family. We specialize in poor health clients.
All Quotes are Confidential, No Cost, and No Obligation. Contact us today!
This information is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone.

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