Monday, August 8, 2011

Short Term Insurance...the Most Affordable, Lesser Known Health Insurance

When this product first came out, many thought it would flop because it didn't have all the moving parts of a major medical policy.  Short Term health insurance is no joke.  If you have just been hired, just been fired or not even employed, this is a great policy to check out. 

When one gets hired, normally there is at least a 90 day waiting period before the benefits kick in and that can be an anxious 90 days.  You might find yourself walking on eggshells or at least thinking of them until that health insurance policy kicks in. You might drive a little safer and take a few less chances until you get that insurance policy in your hands... right. 

 Well now you have a policy that can fill the gap.  it's called a Short Term Medical Policy.  This is a great policy that is so cheap.  I'm talking less than a hundred bucks a month.  There are some short falls and I will cover that shortly but I want to emphasize keeping creditable coverage until getting full benefits from the bossman.

The other reason to have Short Term medical coverage, is when leaving that job.  I speak with so many folks who say the only reason they stay at a job is because of the benefits.  Well don't!  I've always followed my heart when it comes to work and if you are not happy with what you are doing your performance will show.  Now you can quit that sucky job and keep creditable coverage until you find another job.  Granted its not gonna be the same quality but again, it fills the gap. 

And you don't have to pay those ridiculous premiums of COBRA.  These are outrageous costs to anyone who has left an employer and needs to maintain coverage.  Well look no further your fairy godmother is here and she is in the form of Short Term medical coverage... haha.

I want you to picture starting up your own business.  Now keep in mind you are doing what you love and you feel motivated and passionately inspired by your work but now you have responsibility that you've never had to think of before and that's benefits for your company.  Well to start you'd only have to insure yourself and that can easily be a short term policy becasue we all know that starting a busines there won't be a whole lot of extra cash laying around.  Then once business picks up you can move onto an individual or group policy.

Now most Short term products do not carry co-pays or drug coverage, but there are built in features that discount those services and you still have the major medical aspect if there were a major event that required emergency care or hospitalization.  We can even combine coverages to coordinate policies that pay only co-pays and drug coverage. They are also considered short term because they do not normally cover more than 2 years.

Its not that hard determining your options as long as you have a dedicated insurance agent who can advise you on you benefits.  Short Term policies aren't new, but they have sure come up a lot in the past couple of years especially when considering today prices.  So pick up the phone, or shoot an email to your local agent.  You'll be glad you did.

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