Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wellness Programs offer great alternative to Health Reform...for now.

There are other alternatives to what Washington is offering, or attempting to offer (it depends on how you look at it). For instance, Blackbaud has implemented several wellness programs at the in-house gym on location and is seeing, "dividends right back to the company's bottom line".  Whole Foods also offers a nationwide incentive for its Health and Wellness program.

Claims were up 8-9 percent nationwide last year whereas Blackbaud's was only 3 percent. So it obviously improves and promotes health, it saves money too.  On top of that, employers notice an improvement of productivity too.  So to all the employers out there, let's get a wellness program i.e., yoga, weight loss, smoking cessation, going for our employees!  It's an obvious win, win, win!

Charleston Regional Business Journal | Charleston, SC:

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