Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Temporary Health Insurance Coverage

One of the ways to avoid the high cost of health insurance coverage, is by getting temporary health insurance coverage.  My wife is a perfect example of this.  She, for some strange reason, isn't able to get health coverage from the dominant companies but we are in a transition period right now.  You see she was on a group plan, and since changing jobs she hasn't been able to get on another group plan with her new job.

We tried several times to get individual coverage with BlueCross and Carolina Care, but neither would accept her.  So now what we are doing is temporary health insurance coverage with Assurant Health insurance.  It is less expensive than an individual plan but it only lasts for 6 months.  My wife likes to call it train-wreck insurance although it works just like an individual plan.

It works out great because we do plan on getting her on a group plan with her job at some point in the near future but if she were to get into an accident or something tragic were to happen, then we'd have something to rely on.  I am excited to find temporary health insurance coverage option available to us.  Let me know if you have a need for temporary health insurance coverage.

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