Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Health Insurance For Kids

I get asked about health insurance for kids a lot and one of the main responses I give to customers is there is a wonderful option.  That option is BlueChoice for Kids.  This plan differs from BlueCross's individual plans where BlueChoice offers plans for individuals age 6 weeks to age 29.  Plans starting as low as 63.25 a month!

Health Insurance for Kids
This is a wonderful option for young adults as well.  Ages 19-29 need secure and reliable coverage now more than ever.  Where health insurance for kids leaves off, this picks right up for young adults.  All plans have low office visit copayments and tons of extras!

They even have low premiums and deductibles, prescription drug card, emergency care, annual eye exam and limited dental benefits.  If you need a quote just click here and let me know.  If you have children this is a great way to insure them and chances are it will be less than a family plan.  Health insurance for kids doesn't have to be complicated.

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