Friday, April 9, 2010

2 revealing articles about where our country is headed

     I went to a Riverdog's game last night and stood for the national anthem. I take this moment very seriously and with the wind blowing the flag, I take a moment every time and thank God for our country and all freedoms that it allows for.

     I served in the military, my father served, and my brother is serving now.  I believe that America is the best country in the world and God has blessed it.  But I am not respectful of things of late.  Glenn Beck has shed some light on our president that has disturbed me greatly.  His program on Is Obama a Socialist has really set me back a bit.  I was that Glenn refers to as the person who said, "who cares its not that big a deal", and it has shaken me.

     I was disturbed by our lack of leadership in our government and I wanted a change.  The republican side of politics had been a big let down and the democrats have never really lined up with my opinions but something had to give.  I just had no idea Obama was influenced in this way.  The second article that really struck me was one on "natural law".  This article was very enlightening as to where the tea parties are coming from.  I never fully grasped what their approach was until I read this article.  It does not mention a tea party, democrat, or republican, but it identifies a free man's logic and what justice should encompass.

     I am not one to campaign for one candidate or the next, but I do know what my values and opinions are.  Simply put, socialism is not the path to success or greatness.  It is not what our fore fathers had intended and these ideas are poisonous to our liberties and freedom we know and cherish.  I don't like what I have seen referring Obama as a socialist so I have to step back and reexamine my opinion of him.

As far as what this means for health insurance we may never hear the end of it.  I have a feeling the health insurance system will resemble that of a Tricare system with the efficiency of medicaid and social security.  Which means long lines and waits and little reliable service.  It will be more affordable, but the quality of coverage and service will diminish.

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