Saturday, April 10, 2010

When you can't get insurance...

My wife found out today that she cannot get health insurance through BlueCross BlueShield.  They mentioned many conditions that she no longer has symptoms of and some she feels are mistaken.  She was taken aback and felt that she had done something wrong, but how can someone think that going to the doctor because your body is not behaving normally is something wrong.  In her situation I reassured her that she is eligible for Cobra and that we will be able to find some insurance that will cover her.  

I don't know if we can find another carrier that will insure her but I told her that and we will try to find one.  The reform bill will allow for pre-existing conditions, but that won't take affect until 2014.  There will also be a guarantee issue mandated then so I am not too worried.  She is though because she wants to try for another baby next year so this throws a wrench into those plans.  Our plan is to contact her doctor and see if he can update her file and possibly remove some of the undesirable, or incorrect diagnoses then maybe the insurance company will cover her.

   My thoughts go out to other families who didn't have a choice to go with Cobra, and their last option would be  SCHIP (SC health insurance pool) which is health insurance for folks who can't get insurance anywhere else.  The problem with the health pool is that it is really expensive because folks who are higher health risks are the ones who are in the pool.  Therefore, you have much higher rates.  So if we didn't have a choice for Cobra, we would have to get coverage under SCHIP and pay through the nose.  Many people have to go this route and this is what I see reform becoming.  A big giant pool of high risk health patients who like to go to the doctor more than usual.

     So you see the dilemma of the insurance company.  They have to make money to stay in business but the person without insurance is the one who suffers.  This is what reform was attempting to fix.  How well will it work, only time will tell and in the meantime I thank God for my health and pray my wife and child stay healthy.

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