Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party in Charleston

One of these days I'm going to have to go to one of these rallies.  I would have gone today but like most affected by this recession, I had to work.  I have been amazingly busy these past couple of weeks writing health insurance policies for mostly individuals and families.  Some would not think that insurance would be a busy industry after the reform bill had past but it really has.

I have been following this Tea Party movement and I am very excited to see people standing up for individual freedoms that don't exactly line up with right or left ideologies.  I came across the Charleston Tea Party website and they met at the Custom House downtown today for the April 15 tax day rally.  They haven't posted any photos yet but I'm sure they did get some attention from some of the leadership today.

You see, the Tea Party is a movement that is tired of the way things have been going for so long and they are not lining up behind the GOP.  This movement is really rattling politicians cages and I love it.  One of the ways I think people can grasp where this party stands is by this image.

Click image to enlarge.

I posted a while ago on what it means to be a Libertarian.  I think this explains what I'm getting at.  Feel free to comment about what this means to you.

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